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JavaScript Courses

The rapidly changing Web Development landscape makes it harder to stay up to date. U2U has compiled a variety of courses targeting different JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

All-Round Front-end Development

Take your first steps into web development with our Programming with JavaScript, HTML and CSS course, or learn how to build robust, maintainable JavaScript applications in our Building modern web sites with JavaScript libraries course.

Modern Web Apps with Modern Frameworks

What's a great language without great frameworks? If you want to build awesome web applications, modern frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js can really help you out. U2U is there to guide you along the way no matter which path you take.

Price Days Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
JavaScript Fundamentals 1300 3 7 15
Programming with JavaScript, HTML and CSS 1900 5 5 13 29
Price Days Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
Building web apps with Angular and TypeScript 1300 3 5 20 15
Mastering Angular 1300 3 12 27 22
Developing web apps with React 1300 3 12 20 22
Building Web Apps with Vue.js new 900 2 19 25
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