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U2U Training

Web Mobile Cloud Data Infrastructure

U2U Training

Web Mobile Cloud Data Infrastructure

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Microsoft Azure Architecture Master Class

The cloud is a great environment to build applications that are resilient, have high availability, are performant and hopefully not too expensive. But how do you achieve those goals? In this training we start from potential problems a cloud developer/architect may face. Then, we figure out what to do by using proven patterns in combination with various technologies.

Do you have a solid developer background and experience with Microsoft Azure? Then register for this training and become a cloud Architect in Microsoft Azure.

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Become an Angular developer

Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks and probably the best option for single-page-applications. U2U delivers a 3-day training Building Web Apps with Angular and TypeScript and a 3-day deep dive course Mastering Angular. This deep dive training will take you from being an average Angular developer to a great one. Amongst others, you'll gain more insight in the internals of Angular and you'll explore more advanced techniques like RxJS and Redux.

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Managing a Power BI Environment

Managing and deploying Power BI in a large enterprise is a complex task, and one that requires a lot of thought and planning. The goal of this brand new 3-day training is to help you make your Power BI deployment a success: it covers key considerations, the decisions which will be necessary throughout the process and solutions for potential issues you may encounter.

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Infrastructure as Code with Microsoft Azure

In the past, managing an IT infrastructure was a hard job. System administrators had to manually manage and configure all of the hardware and software that was needed for the applications to run.

However, in recent years, trends like “Infrastructure as Code” improved the way organizations design, develop, and maintain their IT infrastructure dramatically. The core idea of “Infrastructure as Code” is having a declarative description of the desired infrastructure and an automated process to make the production environment match the described state. In this course, you will learn about the tools like Terraform, Git & Azure DevOps that will help you to setup this kind of deployment for your infrastructure.

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Building Model-Driven Apps on the Power Platform

Built on the fundamentals of Dynamics 365, the Model-Driven Apps allow you to build complex and sophisticated business apps without writing code. They follow a data-first approach and have the ability to generate their data model in Microsoft Dataverse. Follow this 5-day training and become an expert in Microsoft Dataverse, Power Apps Portal and Model-driven apps.

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U2U organizes training for developers, IT professionals and data specialists on Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, JavaScript, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Power BI, SQL Server and Dynamics 365.

Open On-Schedule courses

Our open enrollment on-schedule courses provide an easy way to gain a thorough knowledge on a specific product or technology. The courses are conducted in English and are organized regularly in our training center in Brussels or online. Take a look at our catalog and our schedule and subscribe on our website for the next session. You may check out our discount conditions to maximize your savings.

In-company Training

Private company training can provide a more economic and convenient solution for companies that want to train a group of people. Our private formula offers exclusive courses in Dutch, English or French customized to meet the needs of your company. The courses can be organized online or at a location of your choice throughout Europe and the Middle-East. We will bring the course material and the ready-to-use lab environment.

Our Trainers

All U2U instructors are experienced presenters who can make the most challenging topics easy to understand.

Our Classes

We supply each student with a powerful, pre-configured computer or cloud environment to complete lab exercises.

Our Courseware

Many of the U2U courses are developed and authored by U2U instructors and are constantly being updated to the latest technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver top quality courses by trainers who are experts in the technologies. U2U trainings will provide you with an in-depth technical knowledge and an accurate view on the concepts and architecture of the technologies, achieved in a series of lectures and exercises. U2U always anticipates the latest trends and adapts its training offer constantly.

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