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Building Web Apps with Vue.js

2 days
2 days

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Introduction to Vue

In this module you'll see what Vue is all about and why it is so important in modern web development.

  • The Evolution of Web Development
  • Components Everywhere
  • Vue Tools and Ecosystem

Vue Fundamentals

We'll get started by looking at how a Vue application is structured, and what it does. Then we'll learn about the basics of components.

  • Vue App Structure
  • The Vue Instance
  • Component Basics
  • LifeCycle Hooks

Data Binding

Data binding allows you to forget about the HTML while writing JavaScript code. It allows you to inject data into a view without creating a strong dependency between the two. This results into more flexible, testable and maintainable code.

  • The Importance of Binding
  • Directives
  • Event Handling
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Computed Properties and Watchers
  • Filters
  • Class and Style Bindings


In this module we'll dive a bit deeper into Components. You'll learn how to create a hierarchy of components and how to communicate between them.

  • Using Multiple Components
  • Passing Data with Props
  • Emitting Events
  • Content Slots

Working with Forms

Forms are essential to any app that allows you to manage data. You need to do more than just data binding. You need validation, automatic formatting, respond to data changes a so on. That's what this module is all about.

  • One-Way Data Flow
  • Form Input Bindings
  • Value Bindings and Modifiers
  • Data Validation

Talking to the Server

Single Page applications are great! But where do they get their data? In this module, we'll explore how you can access a backend from Vue, and how to implement handy features like caching and lazy loading

  • Fetch API
  • Where and When to Fetch Data?
  • Loading and Error Indicators


Instead of hopping from one page to the next, you can design your website as a Single Page Application. This makes your website feel and perform more like an application. SPAs have many advantages but are usually difficult to implement. This module will teach about the constructs available in Vue to build a SPA.

  • Vue Router Library
  • Routing Directives
  • Routing Configuration
  • Nested Routes
  • Navigation Guards

For many modern web developers, React and Angular are the frameworks they resort to. But are they really the best? Or are Facebook and Google simply good at advertisement? Vue.js (or simply Vue) is a super popular open source initiative that believes it can do better. Vue aims to be an approachable and progressive framework for building user interfaces. In this 2-day training developers will learn how to use Vue and its component-based development to create rich and dynamic websites.

This course targets professional web developers who are familiar with JavaScript (ES5, ES2015+) and HTML and are looking for ways to improve their productivity with Vue. The main focus is getting started in the Vue world with the help of a step by step introduction to the framework.

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