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Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

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Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

In this module you will get a birds eye view of the capabilities of Reporting Services, as an introduction into the next modules which dive deeper in each aspect of Reporting Services.

  • Overview of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Tour of SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Paginated Reports, Mobile Reports and KPI's
  • Overview of Reporting Services architecture

Authoring Basic Paginated Reports

A basic Reporting Services paginated report consists of a data source, a data set and one or more visualizations. This module shows you how to build such a basic paginated report with the wizard as well as with the SQL Server Data Tools report designer.

  • Creating a basic table report
  • Formatting report pages
  • Calculating values
  • LAB: Creating a basic report

Manipulating Data Sets

You can control the queries which are used to load the data in your reports. This can be used amongst others to create parameterized reports. In this module you will learn two different ways to add parameters to your report, create dependent parameters and more.

  • Defining report data
  • Using parameters and filters
  • Using parameter lists
  • LAB: Fetching and manipulating data

Advanced Report Components

Often users want to interact with a report, e.g. drill down in more detailed data, link one report to another, sort data interactively or create a table of content. All these kinds of features are discussed in this module on report enhancements.

  • Interactive navigation (drill through)
  • Displaying data with collapsible regions
  • Multi-select parameters
  • Interactive column sorting
  • Floating headers
  • LAB: Complex Report Components

Adding Charts to your reports

Our brain is still wired to recognize trends in data more rapidly from a graphical representation than from an endless list of numbers. That's why charts, maps and other data visualizations are so popular. In this module you will learn all about these charts, and how to even combine text and charts in a single table or matrix!

  • Advanced charting and sparklines
  • Plotting data on maps
  • Visualizing KPIs with indicators
  • LAB: Charting Components

Mobile And KPI Reports

Microsoft also added support for mobile reports to Reporting Services. In this module you learn to build responsive reports which adjust to different form factors when running on tablets or smartphones. KPI reports are a way to directly visualize KPI indicators in the portal, without needing to open a report.

  • Building reports for multiple devices
  • Building responsive designs
  • Visualizing KPIs directly in the portal
  • LAB: Creating Mobile and KPI reports

Managing Reports

After a report has been created and tested in SQL Server Data Tools it's time to deploy the reports to the server. But once it's deployed, their are still many report properties that can be configured on the server. This module shows you the different options.

  • Publishing content
  • Executing reports
  • Speeding up report execution with cached instances
  • Creating snapshots and report history
  • LAB: Publishing and caching reports

This course introduces the SQL Server Reporting Services platform, and teaches the necessary skills to develop, deploy and maintain Reporting Services reports on SQL Server.

This course is intended for people who need to create paginated, mobile and KPI reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Basic knowledge about creating queries is recommended.

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