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Mobile Development with React Native

2 days
2 days

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Introduction to React Native

What exactly is React Native, why do you want to use it over other solutions for mobile development, and how do you set up your development environment?

  • The World of Mobile Development
  • What is React Native?
  • Why Choose React Native?
  • Setting up a Development Environment

React Building Blocks

This chapter explains some basic React concepts that you need to know about when building react native apps.

  • JSX: write HTML in your javascript
  • Using Components to piece your app together
  • Adding interactivity with State and Props
  • introduction to Hooks

Getting started

Learn about the basics by building your first basic React Native application, making it interactive, and running it on your device.

  • Building our first page
  • Adding application state
  • Reacting to user input

Layout and Styling

Making your app work is one thing, making it usable is another. In this chapter we'll explore styling and layout, as well as use animations that help your users navigate your app

  • Flexbox recap
  • The React Native Styling system
  • Using Scrollview and Listview
  • Adding Animations to enhance User Experience

Routing and Navigation

Apps almost always consist of multiple pages. In this chapter we'll explore the different navigation options available in React Navigation, and how you can compose them for easy routing.

  • Introducing React Navigation
  • Tab Navigation
  • Drawer Navigation
  • Using Multiple Navigators

Storage and Networking

Apps need data. Whether they need to load resources from a server, or save user settings to the device. While you might already know about the Fetch API for service calls, React Native has its own way of handling local storage.

  • Loading local recsources with AsyncStorage
  • Fetching Remote resources and data

In today's world, having a product that works on multiple platforms is quickly becoming essential for a lot of businesses. But of course building the same product multiple times isn't only costly, it also introduces some technical challenges. React Native aims to reduce the complexity of cross-platform development by letting React developers reuse a lot of the skills they already posess.

This course targets professional web developers who are familiar with JavaScript (ES5, ES2015+) and HTML and are looking to develop cross-platform mobile applications. Knowledge of React is recommended, but not necessary.

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