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Public Key Infrastructure

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Overview of Public Key Infrastructure

  • Introduction to PKI
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Certificates and Certification Authorities
  • Active Directory Certificate Services in Windows Server

Creating a Certification Authority Hierarchy

  • CA Hierarchy Designs
  • Installing an Offline CA
  • Planning CRL and AIA Publication
  • Implementing Subordinate CAs

Managing a Public Key Infrastructure

  • Managing Certificates
  • Managing Windows Server Certification Authorities
  • Planning for Disaster Recovery

Certificate Templates

  • Designing and Creating Certificate Templates
  • Publishing a Certificate Template
  • Managing Changes in a Template

Certificate Enrollment

  • Enrolling Certificates Manually
  • Certificate AutoEnrollment using Group Policy

Key Archival and Recovery

  • Key Archival and Recovery Overview
  • Key Recovery Agent
  • Implementing Key Archival and Recovery

PKI Trust Between Organizations

  • Advanced PKI Hierarchies
  • Qualified Subordination Concepts
  • Implementing a Bridge CA

PKI and Applications

  • Securing Web Traffic with SSL
  • Configuring Email Security
  • Encrypted File System
  • Digital Signing of Scripts or Applications

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to design, deploy, and manage a public key infrastructure (PKI) to support applications that require distributed security. Students get hands-on experience implementing solutions to secure PKI-enabled applications and services, such as Exchange Server, IIS, Outlook, and remote access services.
The Active Directory Certificate Services role in Windows Server is used to deploy a complete PKI infrastructure in the organization. Individuals should have knowledge and experience to install and configure Active Directory and security mechanisms for computers running Windows Server.

  • IT system engineers who are responsible for designing and implementing security solutions.

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