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Building Smart Solutions with Microsoft 365 AI Builder and Microsoft Syntex

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What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term frequently used and overused. This short introduction will give you an idea what AI is and how it can help your organization with recurring business problems.

  • What is AI?
  • How to use AI Efficiently

Introducing AI Builder in Power Platform

AI Builder is a central service that can be used throughout the Power Platform. This module introduces the Power Platform and the AI Builder tool to embed AI into your apps and flows.

  • What is AI Builder
  • A general introduction into the Power Platform
  • What is AI Builder and what does it consist of?
  • Licensing Requirements for AI Builder
  • AI Builder Custom and Prebuilt Models
  • AI Model Deployment Pipeline
  • LAB: Setup Trial Environment for AI Builder

Train your Model with Microsoft Dataverse

Before we can start we need to train our AI Models. This module will cover how to prepare the data that will be used to train the model.

  • Discovering Text-based AI Models: Sentiment, Text Translation, Language Detection, Entity Extraction...
  • What is Microsoft Dataverse?
  • Loading data in Microsoft Dataverse Tables
  • Train your Model
  • Lab: Train a Category Classification Model

Using AI Models in Power Platform

Creating and training your models is one thing, implementing them correctly is another. You need to build Canvas Apps or Power Automate flows so your models can flourish.

  • Import Data to a Power Automate Flow
  • Apply AI Model and Process Results
  • Using Power Apps Prebuilt AI Controls
  • Extracting Model Results in Canvas Apps
  • Lab: Detect and Store Objects in Images

AI Builder Prediction Models

Microsoft Dataverse is an integral tool for makers invested in the Power Platform. Data stored there can be processed in order to predict hard-to-measure or time-critical data. AI Can help us process that information and predict this metadata.

  • Import Structured Data in a Table
  • Predict Future Outcomes using a Custom Model
  • Use Model Results Throughout Microsoft 365
  • Lab: Predict Microsoft Dataverse Columns using AI

Document-Based Models

Every day, invoices, receipts, IDs, and a bunch of other documents need to be processed and stored in your company. With document-based AI models, you can process these in an automated way and store the extracted data wherever you like.

  • Compare Document Processing Models
  • Collect Data and Train Model
  • Use any Model in Apps or Flows
  • Lab:

SharePoint Document Processing in Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex is a Content Understanding and Processing service that uses AI to find and organize your documents. Rather than manually uploading hundreds of documents and extracting metadata manually, Microsoft Syntex can automate that process for you.

  • Microsoft Syntex Introduction
  • Setup SharePoint for Syntex
  • Microsoft Syntex Model Types
  • Structured Document Processing
  • Classify and Detect Unstructured Data
  • Model Metadata Enhancement with Taxonomy
  • Implement and use Models in SharePoint

Image Detection and Classification

By training your own AI Models on predefined data, you can allow processes to automatically classify images or even detect your organization-specific objects in these images.

  • Classifying vs Detecting Models
  • Prepare Images with the Lobe App
  • Train model by Classifying and Detecting Images
  • Lab: Create Image Detection Model

Managing AI Builder Models

Your custom trained models always have room for improvement. In this module, you will learn how you can manage your custom models, retrain them or even share them with your colleagues or others. You will also learn how to add security to your models.

  • Mange, Retrain and Publish Different Model Versions
  • Share and Distribute your Model
  • Continuously Improve your Model
  • Secure your AI Models with Role Based Security
  • Lab: Set Up Continuous Improvement and Administer your Models

The Power Platform in Microsoft 365 already provides many tools for business users to solve complex company problems, such as creating applications and automated workflows. AI Builder is a new tool to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to these existing tools. Those of you interested in a deeper knowledge about creating apps or automated flows, are referred to the course Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate.

Microsoft Syntex integrates AI in SharePoint. You will learn how to use AI to extract data out of documents and store the information in SharePoint document libraries.

This course is targeted for IT Professionals and Business users with usage knowledge of Power Apps, Power Automate and SharePoint. They want to learn how to extend the functionalities in the Power Platform & SharePoint with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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