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Business Intelligence Courses

Power BI
Price Days Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Analyzing your data with Power BI for Business Users 1300 3 14 15 22
Analyzing your data with Power BI for BI Professionals 1900 5 7 22 19
Developing for the Power BI Platform 1300 3 14 22 26
Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence
Price Days Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Implementing Data Warehouses with Integration Services 1900 5 1 29
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 1900 5 2 1 12
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular 900 2 11 6
Microsoft SQL Server - Implementing Business Solutions with MDX 1300 3 subscribe to waiting list
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 1300 3 15
Business Intelligence with R 900 2 subscribe to waiting list
Microsoft Azure
Price Days Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Implementing Azure SQL Databases 900 2 12 18 15
Business Intelligence for Technical Management
Price Days Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Microsoft Business Intelligence - Technology Overview 900 2 subscribe to waiting list

In an information driven society, analyzing and reporting upon the data that lives within an enterprise is crucial. Microsoft offers a lot of products that can help you setup your Business Intelligence infrastructure. From analyzing a few 10000 rows of data in Excel up to building a multi-terabyte enterprise-wide data warehouse, it's all possible.

With Power BI, the business users themselves will take the initiative to collect, transform and model the data. Excel or the Power BI Desktop application are their main tools. When SharePoint or the site is added to the story, the data can easily be shared with their team or smaller organization.

Enterprise wide BI solutions require a more sophisticated approach: With more data, more departments and more users involved, security, performance, scalability and maintainability play a more important role. The SQL Server business intelligence services like Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services will now become the key products.

As your business and its needs grow, your infrastructure will need to grow along with it. With cloud computing, companies can reduce the size of their own data centers and store and analyze data in a more flexibible, cost effective and scalable way. Microsoft offers with Azure Cortana Intelligence Suite a fully managed big data and BI cloud solution part of Microsoft Azure.

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