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.NET Workshop Days

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5 days

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Analyzing the Requirements

Students will be given the requirements for building a website. First, they will analyze these requirements and split them up into manageable tasks. Students will use Azure DevOps to keep track of their work.

  • Creating the project backlog in Azure DevOps
  • Splitting up each requirement using Sprint Planning
  • Running the Sprint

Settings up the Project

The team will create the project's structure, using the union (aka clean) architecture principles.

  • Setting up the Core, Infrastructure and Web project
  • Committing changes in Git Source Control
  • Developing the Entities and Services for your Project

Creating the Web Site

Now we are ready to create the web site with a nice-looking style. Students are provided a template, which they will break up and attach functionality to.

  • Creating the Layout page with a style template
  • Building the Home page

Working with the Database

Storing data of course happens with a database. Here students will generate the database in Azure using Entity Framework Core Code-First Migrations.

  • Configuring your Database using Code-First Migrations
  • Creating and Updating the Database in Azure.

Using Unit Testing to Ensure Consistent Quality

Real development includes writing unit tests. This way, you can rest assured that any changes will not break existing code.

  • Creating Unit Tests for your Entities and Services
  • Testing your Repository with Fake Data

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Now that you have a working web site, it is time to show your hard work to the customer. Students will setup a continuous integration build using DevOps and then install the website using Continuous Deployment and Bicep.

  • Setting up the CI Pipeline
  • Creating and Testing the Bicep file to create the Website and Database
  • Deploying the Website and Database in Azure using CD

Securing your Web Site

Better safe than sorry! Here students will implement authentication for their web site.

  • Adding Authentication to your Website
  • Setting up Authentication Middleware
  • Implementing Authorization

Using Design Patterns

'It works!' is not good enough. Writing clear, human-readable code that is easy to maintain is easier said than done. Fortunately, you can rely on proven patterns.

  • Using the Strategy Pattern to calculate the order's price
  • Using the Chain-of-Responsibility to apply different Strategies to give discounts

Theory will only get you that far. To become proficient you need to practice, practice and practice some more. In this workshop students, as a team, will learn to build a shopping website with all its real-life challenges such as team collaboration with source control, project management, styling, maintaining a database, deployment, testing, etc. You will be on your own, but when you have questions, or get stuck, our trainers will jump in and show you how! This is a wonderful way to learn about best-practices, tips and tricks, and of course go home with practical experience. And at the end of this all, you will have something to show for. Because your web shop will be public for the world to see!

This training is targeted at beginning developers who know, but don't have real practical knowledge, with C# and ASP.NET.

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