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Analyzing your data with Power BI

2 days
2 days

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Introduction to Power BI

This module introduces the fundamental concepts of the Power BI platform. It provides a high level overview of the Power BI Desktop and Power BI Cloud Service. Participants will also setup a trial Office 365 subscription which will be used throughout the course when publishing Power BI artifacts and sharing Power BI artifacts.

  • The need for Business Intelligence
  • Self-Service BI versus Enterprise BI
  • Core concepts of Power BI
  • Introducing Power BI Desktop
  • Introducing the Power BI Service

Getting started with Power BI Desktop

This module provides an overview of Power BI Desktop. Participants learn the basics of how to create Queries to extract data from a datasource. Also the basics on how to create a Data Model and Report are explained in this module.

  • The Power BI Desktop User Interface
  • Creating Queries to load data
  • Building a basic Data Model and Refreshing Data
  • Creating a basic Report
  • Publishing to the Power BI Service

Enhancing a Data Model in Power BI Desktop

Participants learn how a data model can be enhanced by building hierarchies inside tables and by giving columns a meaningful name and data type. Furthermore, measures and calculated columns can be created using DAX. Participants also learn about the importance of having the correct relationships between tables.

  • Renaming columns and tables
  • Hiding columns and tables from the Data Model
  • Column data type and formatting
  • Working with numerical fields
  • Sorting data in columns
  • Data categorization
  • Creating Hierarchies in tables
  • Defining calculated columns and measures using DAX
  • Working with Quick Measures
  • Defining relationships between tables

Designing Reports in Power BI Desktop

After the model has been fine-tuned, we can use it to create our reports. Power BI allows you to create very impressive reports, and in this module we will explore many visualizations as well as the interaction between these visualizations.

  • Overview of the Report Canvas
  • Adding textboxes, shapes and images
  • Using built-in visualizations
  • Add style and branding through themes
  • Printing a Power BI Report
  • Creating Power BI Templates

Introduction to Power BI Service

If you want to share models and reports with you co-workers, the Power BI service allows you to upload these to the cloud, and manage and share them with others. In this module you will learn about the general features of the Power BI service, the next modules dive into the details.

  • What is the Power BI Service?
  • Power BI Service pricing and features
  • Working with Datasets and Reports
  • Creating and using App Workspaces

Creating Dashboards and Analyzing Data with Power BI Service

Dashboards allow you to combine visuals from different reports into one page for quick access. This module teaches you to build and customize these dashboards in the Power BI Service.

  • Creating Dashboards
  • Printing Dashboards
  • Configuring Dashboards for Mobile Devices
  • Working with Power BI Q&A
  • Analyze in Excel

Sharing Content in the Power BI Service

Power BI has different mechanisms to share content with other users: Sometimes you want to share in order to develop something together, or you want others to customize something, or maybe you want others to have read-only permissions on the shared object. In this module you'll learn how to accomplish this with the different sharing options in the Power BI Service.

  • Sharing Reports and Dashboards with internal and external users
  • Sharing content inside an App Workspace
  • Creating Power BI Apps
  • Consuming Power BI Apps
  • Publishing Reports to the web
  • Subscribing to Report updates
  • Report usage metrics

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Power BI Desktop transforms your company's data into rich visuals for you to monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device.

In this training you learn how to create queries with Power BI Desktop to collect data from databases, cubes, online Excel files, Facebook.... You will learn how to enrich the data model with relationships, hierarchies, DAX calculated columns and measures... And finally you will see how to create interactive reports using the large set of visualizations available in Power BI Desktop and share them using and Power BI Mobile apps.

If you are also interested in more technical topics like the the Power Query language, the language DAX and Power BI Gateways, we recommend you to follow our 5-day course Analyzing your data with Power BI for BI Professionals.

This course is intended for business users without any prior knowledge of Power BI. No technical or IT background is required.

If you are also interested in more technical topics like the the Power Query language, the language DAX and Power BI Gateways, we recommend you to follow our 5-day course Analyzing your data with Power BI for BI Professionals.

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