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Unit Testing & Team Development with TFS

4 days
4 days

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Azure DevOps Services and TFS

What is Azure DevOps and TFS? Who is it for? What is the big picture?

  • TFS: The big picture
  • Features
  • Architecture
  • The Extensions Marketplace
  • LAB: Register for an Azure DevOps Account

Team Projects

TFS is the collaboration hub for everyone in the development team, including project managers, testers, architects, developers and end-users. Here we will create a team project and configure it.

  • Development Processes: Agile vs. Waterfall
  • Team Projects and Process Templates
  • LAB: Creating and configuring your team project

Storing Developer Assets with Git

Sources are probably the most important part in any software project and we need a way to keep track of all sources and all changes. Azure Repos gives you the choice between TFVS and Git for storing your source history, branching, merging and everything else required.

  • Version Control concepts
  • Distributed Source Control with Git
  • Creating a local repository
  • Cloning a remote repository
  • Staging files
  • Committing files
  • Adding branches to your workflow
  • Branching Strategies
  • Merge vs. Rebase
  • Synchronizing with a remote repository
  • Performing manual code reviews with Pull Requests
  • LAB: Working with Git

Continuous Integration and Deployment with Pipelines

To build quality software, and to limit nasty integration problems at the end of the project, doing a daily build is long regarded as a best practice. Azure DevOps makes building daily very easy through the build system. You'll learn how to manage the build, do desktop builds, and how you can setup Team Build to work in a continuous integration environment. You'll then learn how to customize the build process to perform all your build steps including running unit tests, creating custom build actions, generating setup programs and deploying to staging servers.

  • What are pipelines?
  • Doing Continuous integration
  • What are jobs, tasks?
  • Automated review of Coding Guidelines and Code Analysis with FxCop
  • LAB: Setting up a build definition

Continuous Deployment with Pipelines

With continuous deployment you can release your product every moment of the day, allowing the stateholders to give feedback as fast as possible.

  • Release management and continuous deployment
  • Release definitions
  • What are Agents?
  • Setting up a build agent in your enterprise network
  • LAB: Continous Deployment with a release definition

Unit testing in .NET

Every developer want clean code that works. So how does one get to maintainable and working code? And moreover: keep it working.

  • What every developer wants: Quality code that works; and keeps on working
  • Finding bugs: not just in code. - Or how NASA lost a 125.000.000$ Mars orbiter
  • What is unit testing? And what is a good unit test?
  • Understanding the difference between a unit test and an integration test
  • Test Driven Development - Should you be doing it?
  • Role-playing: Marge, Homer and Bart
  • The Triple-A of unit testing - and what has cooking to do with this?

Unit testing with Visual Studio with MSTest and XUnit

When Unit Testing, you will have to decide on frameworks. There are several ones out there, which one do I need? Visual Studio comes with a built in framework called MSTest, but you also have others, like the popular XUnit. In this module, we will discuss pros and cons of these frameworks, and go into some best practices. How do I know if I have tested enough? With code coverage you can see which paths in your code you have tested, and easily discover untested conditional logic.

  • MSUnit - Built-in into Visual Studio
  • Building and running Unit Tests with MSUnit
  • Using the Test Explorer Window
  • Using Test Settings
  • Live unit testing with Visual Studio
  • Unit Testing best practices with XUnit
  • Facts and Theories
  • Unit testing parallelism
  • Measuring and improving Code Coverage
  • And what about Performance Testing?
  • LAB: Implementing a library with testing

Writing testable code

If you want your code to be testable, you have to engineer your code for testing. You will learn about Stubs and Mocks, and how to replace dependencies that might interfere with testing.

  • Testing dependencies - and the art of writing testable code
  • The difference between a Stub and a Mock
  • How to replace dependencies with stub and mock objects
  • The Extract and Override pattern
  • How the MVVM pattern facilitates UI testing
  • Replacing configuration in tests

Isolation Frameworks: MOQ.

Building Stubs and Mocks can be a lot of work without an Isolation Framework. MOQ is an isolation framework that allows you to easily build the Fake objects you need for building great tests.

  • Understanding Isolation Frameworks
  • Building Stubs and Mocks with MOQ
  • Checking arguments and return values
  • Using Linq to Mocks
  • LAB: Using MOQ

In this course you will learn about using Azure DevOps, formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), to manage the application development lifecycle. This training will show you the role of the project manager, developer and tester in this process and how DevOps can improve the efficiency and code quality of your team. You will perform project management, source control (no real coding skill required for the exercise), testing and build automation with Azure DevOps.

.NET developers, project managers, testers and anyone who is involved in application development. Exercices don't require real coding skills as they are for illustrating the workflow with Azure DevOps.

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