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Become a Web Developer in 3 weeks

Master the basics of C#, delve into the world of Object-Oriented Programming, and harness the capabilities of .NET in your first week. In week two, you'll become adept at web development using ASP.NET, creating dynamic and interactive web applications. Take it even a step further and explore the latest .NET 8.0 advancements and the potential of Microsoft Azure App Services, empowering you to host your applications, services, and data with ease and scalability.

Become a Mobile Cross-Platform Developer in 2 weeks

Discover the world of app development for Android, iOS, and more in just two weeks. Week 1 covers essential C# programming, Object-Oriented concepts, and .NET fundamentals. In the second week, explore the potential of .NET MAUI to build native apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from a single codebase. Experience the ease of writing your app's UI once and deploying it across multiple platforms, saving time and effort while providing a consistent and native user experience

Become a Microsoft 365 Developer in 2 weeks

Become a skilled SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Developer in just two weeks. The first week lays the foundation with C# programming, Object-Oriented Programming and .NET. In the following week, explore the essentials of SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 development, encompassing diverse development options and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 services like Teams and the Power Platform.

Become an Azure Data Engineer and Scientist in 3 weeks

Embark on our 2-week learning path and become an Azure Data Engineer, empowering your Data Scientist skills with an additional Data Science training. In the first week, delve into utilizing Azure Synapse Analytics to craft and manage advanced data lake architectures. Week 2 is dedicated to mastering Python, an essential tool for data manipulation and analysis. For those eager for more, join us for week 3, where you'll delve into core machine learning concepts,explore pre-trained models in Azure AI services, and build custom machine learning models for future predictions based on historical data.

Become a Microsoft Power BI Developer in three weeks

Discover the power of Power BI in a comprehensive 3-week learning track. In the first week, learn about data source connections, creating Power BI Data Models and Reports and maintaining them on the Power BI cloud service. During the second week, dive deeper into DAX, harnessing its potential to create measures and other derived calculations, such as Year-to-Date operations. In week 3, explore the art of designing data models using the dimensional modeling techniques of star schemas.

Become a Microsoft Power BI Administrator in 2 weeks

Become a Power BI Administrator in just 2 weeks. In the first week, you'll master the art of connecting to data sources, creating data models, and generating insightful reports on the Power BI cloud service. The second week is dedicated to advanced topics, where you'll learn how to set up and manage Power BI in enterprise-level business environments, addressing the challenges that arise when multiple users access and develop the Power BI infrastructure.

Become a SQL Server Database Specialist in 3 weeks

Join our inclusive 3-week learning track to master Transact-SQL and SQL Server Management Studio. Week 1 provides a solid introduction to fundamental keywords and concepts like SELECT, JOIN, and advanced SELECT options. In Week 2, dive into database development, including logical table design, indexing, views, stored procedures, parameters, and functions. The final week is dedicated to optimizing performance, with topics ranging from tempdb and data file configuration to CPU and memory usage, as well as practical strategies for fixing performance issues.

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