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U2U Training

Windows Web Mobile Cloud BI

U2U Training

Windows Web Mobile Cloud BI

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Azure AD


ASP.NET 5 is a dramatic change to what ASP.NET used to be. Edit your code with Sublime, Install your packages with bower. Deploy your web app on Linux or even a Raspberry Pi. It's a brave new world of openess. No more web.config and no more System.Web. Has Microsoft gone mad? No, definitly not, this is the best thing to happen to ASP.NET since a long time. Join us in this 2 day course.

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Azure Machine Learning

Machine Learning with AzureML

Machine Learning or predictive analytics uses the large amounts of data collected by organizations to build models which help in predicting future events. In this two-day course we walk through the main tasks a data scientist needs to do to turn data into a useful model for predicting future events.

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AngularJS is an MVW-based framework providing a structure for setting up views and binding them to data, combined with a powerful routing system. In this course you will learn how to use AngularJS to create Single Page Applications that are well-structured, efficient and easy to maintain and test.

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Power BI


Microsoft Power BI allows business users to use Excel and Office 365 to discover, model, visualize and share their data easily. In this session we look at the Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query and Power Map functionality in Excel and Office 365.

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Building a mobile app today is building an app for Android, one for Windows Phone and one for iOS. In this training we show you how to develop apps with Xamarin entirely in C# and share the same code on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

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Developing Android Apps

Android is the most popular platform in the world of mobile devices. Not only does Android dominate the mobile phone, it also runs on TVs, tablets, wearables, Chromebooks, digital cameras, etc. making it a very versatile and powerful environment. This course will teach you the essentials of building an Android App using Android Studio.

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U2U organizes training for developers and IT professionals on Visual Studio, SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows CRM, Exchange Server, Windows Server, Business Intelligence, Mobile and Web Technologies.

Open On-Schedule courses

Our open enrollment on-schedule courses provide an easy way to gain a thorough knowledge on a specific product or technology. The courses are conducted in English and are organized regularly in our training center in Brussels. Take a look at our catalog and our schedule and subscribe on our website for the next session. You may check out our discount conditions to maximize your savings.

On-site courses

On-site courses can provide a more economic and convenient solution for companies that want to train a group of people. Our private on-site formula offers exclusive courses in Dutch, English or French customized to meet the needs of your company. The courses are organized in our training center in Brussels or on-site in your office throughout Europe and the Middle-East or a seminar center near you. We will bring the course manual and provide the online lab environment.

Our Trainers

All U2U instructors are experienced presenters who can make the most challenging topics easy to understand.

Our Classes

We supply each student with a powerful, pre-configured computer or cloud environment to complete lab exercises.

Our Courseware

Many of the U2U courses are developed and authored by U2U instructors and are constantly being updated to the latest technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver top quality courses by trainers who are experts in the technologies. U2U trainings will provide you with an in-depth technical knowledge and an accurate view on the concepts and architecture of the technologies, achieved in a series of lectures and exercises. U2U always anticipates the latest trends and adapts its training offer constantly.

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