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What's new in SharePoint Server 2019

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03 Jul 2020
25 Sep 2020
17 Dec 2020
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What's new and deprecated in SharePoint Server 2019

Microsoft has deprecated certain features and functionalities in SharePoint Server 2019, that are only there for compatibility with previous product versions. Certain features have even been removed from SharePoint Server 2019. On the other hand, Microsoft introduces several new features to prepare you for the future of collaboration and communication. This module will illustrate the new features and the features that have been deprecated, removed or replaced.


  • Deprecated and deleted features
  • Modern Experience
  • SharePoint Framework

Modern Sites

With SharePoint Server 2019, Microsoft is starting a new revolution in the way you work with your content on a daily basis. The concept of sites has been rethought, while remaining backwards compatible. This new concept introduces the so called Modern Team Site and Communication site.


  • New self-service site creation experience
  • Modern Team Sites
  • Communication Sites
  • Hub Sites

Modern Content Management

Since SharePoint 2013, the user experience with the product did not really change up until now. SharePoint has been completely rebranded, looking different, mobile friendly, ... List and libraries are now nice to work with for users, pages look a lot nicer with completely new webparts that are up for the task of today!


  • SharePoint Home
  • Modern lists and libraries
  • Modern sharing experience
  • Modern search experience
  • SharePoint Site Pages
  • Site Usage
  • Recycle bin experience

Modern Sharing

In previous versions of SharePoint, allowing users to share files came down to permission inheritance being broken, which could quickly lead to unmanageable situations. Situations in which you do not have a clear view on who exactly has access where. SharePoint Server 2019 introduces a new sharing mechanism that is easier to work with and prevents permission inheritance from being broken.


  • Modern sharing experience

Modern Pages

Pages are essential for providing content to your colleagues. SharePoint page authoring makes it simple to create beautiful immersive responsive pages that integrate applications, data, text, media and many more. Pages are also crucial in providing news within your teams or organization. These news pages can be highly visible, since they are automatically aggregated in hub sites, mobile apps and the SharePoint home experience.


  • Working with modern site pages
  • Enriching your pages with new web parts
  • Authoring and publishing a Site Page
  • Using pages as news
  • Navigation best practices
  • Changing the theme

Upgrading to SharePoint Server 2019

Learn how to plan, prepare, and perform an upgrade to SharePoint 2019.


  • Upgrade Requirements
  • Plan and prepare migration
  • DB Attach
  • Upgrade Content Databases, My Sites and Service Applications
  • Upgrade site collections to SharePoint Server 2019

Overview of Hybrid scenarios

SharePoint Server 2019 contains new hybrid features to support hybrid solutions. SharePoint Hybrid allows you to link your SharePoint 2019 to your Office 365. Two seperate systems that from the end-user perspective will behave like one. This module will illustrate the hybrid features in SharePoint Server 2019.


  • Preparing for Hybrid
  • Hybrid Picker / Configuration Wizard
  • Hybrid Features

Three years have passed, and the time to become modern is now! Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 will provide new, improved, modern looking features to your SharePoint on-premises deployments, while at the same time still making it easy to take advantage of cloud innovation through hybrid deployments of SharePoint Server with Office 365. This course will provide you with an extensive overview of all new functionalities in SharePoint Server 2019.

This course targets at anyone working with SharePoint Server 2013 or 2016 that wants to know about the new features in SharePoint Server 2019.

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