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What's new in SharePoint Server 2016

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What's deprecated in SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 has removed certain features that were available in SharePoint 2013. This module will illustrate which features have been removed and/or replaced.


  • What about SharePoint Foundation
  • Changes in User Profile Synchronization
  • Office Online Server

The new SharePoint UX

SharePoint 2016 introduces a couple of new features to the User Experience. Using SharePoint on your mobile device will be different with the new touch friendly interface.


  • The new SharePoint 2016 desktop and mobile experience
  • Durable links
  • Site folders

Compliance Features

In SharePoint 2013 one could create and manage policies on a local level. With OneDrive for Business allowing users to have personal storage, the need for entreprise control over policies arises. SharePoint 2016 introduces the Compliance Policy Center, a site collection on which you can create and manage deletion policies. SharePoint 2016 also introduces Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies, which can be used to identify sensitive information and prevent inadvertent disclosure.


  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Deletion Policies
  • What's new in eDiscovery

New IT Pro Features

SharePoint 2016 introduces a new way of configuring your servers. With MinRole you can assign roles to servers in your farm, which automatically configures the required services. SharePoint 2016 has improved the site collection creation engine, and now allows for Fast Site Collection Creation, i.e. create a new site collection in less than a second.


  • MinRole farm topology
  • Zero DownTime Patching
  • Fast Site Collection Creation

Upgrading to SharePoint Server 2016

Learn how to plan, prepare, and perform an upgrade to SharePoint 2016

  • Upgrade Requirements
  • Plan and prepare migration
  • DB Attach
  • Upgrade Content Databases, My Sites  and Service Applications
  • Upgrade site collections to SharePoint Server 2016

Overview of Hybrid scenarios

SharePoint 2016 contains new hybrid features to support hybrid solutions. SharePoint Hybrid allows you to link your SharePoint 2016 to your Office 365. Two seperate systems that from the end-user perspective will behave like one. This module will illustrate the new hybrid features in SharePoint 2016.


  • Hybrid Scenario Picker / Configuration Wizard
  • Hybrid OneDrive for Business
  • Integrating Delve with Profile Redirection
  • Hybrid Sites
  • Hybrid App Launcher
  • Hybrid Taxonomies
  • Hybrid Auditing

Hybrid Search

SharePoint 2016 can make use of the new Cloud hybrid search. This is a new hybrid search solution alternative that allows you to index all of your crawled content, including on-premises content, to your search index in Office 365. The SharePoint 2016 Search crawler can be used to crawl the same content sources and use the same search connectors in Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, and SharePoint Server 2013. Users will get unified search results from both on-premises and Office 365 content when querying your search index in Office 365.


  • Search Architecture
  • New Cloud Search Service Application
  • Configuring the Search Center

What's new for developers

A new version of SharePoint also means new development options. This module will illustrate the new features in Visual Studio 2015 to develop against SharePoint 2016. SharePoint 2016 also introduces a couple of new CSOM and REST APIs which will be discussed.
In SharePoint 2013, Access Services could be used by non-developers to build relational database applications and host them inside SharePoint. Access Services in SharePoint 2016 now supports the use of Office Add-Ins, allowing developers to extend Access Apps with new functionality.

  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Access Services Add-Ins

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 will provide new and improved features to your SharePoint on-premises deployments, while at the same time making it easier to take advantage of cloud innovation through hybrid deployments of SharePoint Server with Office 365. This course will provide you with an extensive overview of all new functionalities in SharePoint 2016 both from an end user, developer as administrator perspective. 

This course targets at anyone working with SharePoint 2013 that wants to know about the new features in SharePoint 2016

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