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Building modern web sites with JavaScript libraries

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3 days

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Introducing Node.js

Most people have heard that node.js allows you to run JavaScript outside of the browser, and even allow you to write a web server in JavaScript. But why? Why not stick to the server-side techniques that we know? This module explains the what and the why of node.js. You'll see that even for a PHP or an ASP.NET developer, node.js is an indispensable tool.

  • Why Node.js?
  • Event-Driven and Non-Blocking Execution Environment
  • Understanding and Using Asynchronous Control Flows
  • CommonJS Modules
  • Installing External Modules with the Node Package Manager
  • Using Express

Run everywhere with Progressive Web Applications

Enhance your userbase by making your web applications installable, usable offline, and let them send push notifications to your users for better engagement.

  • What are Progressive Web Applications?
  • The main components you need for a PWA
  • Creating a PWA step by step

Write easier and more maintainable CSS with SASS

Everybody loves CSS. Haha, just kidding. Using SASS however makes it more bearable by using constructs that you know and love from programming languages.

  • SASS, the Dynamic Stylesheet Language
  • Compiling SASS into CSS
  • Defining Variables and Types
  • Using Nested Rules and Properties
  • Using Partials, Extend, Mixins and Functions

Responsive web design with Bootstrap

Your web site needs to look fabulous on any device; whether it's a laptop, tablet or phone. Let's bootstrap be your guide in the messy world of media queries.

  • Normalizing and Resetting
  • The Grid System
  • Utility classes
  • Base Bootstrap CSS
  • Customizing look and feel
  • Components: navigation, popovers ...

Bundling with Webpack

Imports in Java and C++, usings in C#, ... These are so much nicer than lettings scripts talk to each other by using a global variable. But what if we could do the same in JavaScript? By using a smart bundling mechanism like webpack, you can minify and bundle a JavaScript file with all its dependencies up front.

  • Using and Running Webpack
  • Working with Multiple Entries and Outputs
  • Loaders
  • Plugins

Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma

Who needs testing anyway? You do. Yes you, don't look surprised. You'll be writing a lot of code in JavaScript and to guarantee its quality you need tests. Jasmine is a standalone test framework that you can use to test any piece of JavaScript code. We'll take a look at some test runners too.

  • Challenges for Testing
  • Writing Testable Code
  • Common Scenarios
  • Karma Configuration
  • End-to-end Testing

Reactive Extensions for JavaScript

Ever forgotten to update a part of your UI once your data changed? This is because If-This-Than-That code is quite difficult to maintain. By using a reactive approach, you won't even have to think about that anymore. RxJS has a steep learning curve. But once you master it, there is no going back.

  • What are Reactive Extensions
  • Observable and Observer
  • Subjects
  • Cold versus Hot Observables
  • Making Async Calls
  • Combining Observables
  • Error Handling
  • Dealing with Backpressure

Component based development with React

Using Web components is the new way of writing web applications. By splitting things up into easy-to-understand components, you can build complex applications without a hassle. While we wait for a standard to be implemented, we can already use the power of Web Components by using Facebook's fabulous React.

  • MVC-pattern
  • React Components
  • JSX
  • The Virtual DOM
  • Databinding
  • SPA with React

Strongly typed JavaScript with TypeScript

Let’s face it: JavaScript was never written for large applications. But more and more code is written in JavaScript. To bridge this gap, you can harvest the power of TypeScript. Not only does it allow you to write the most modern JavaScript and still run on older browsers. It also adds constructs like strong typing which makes things a lot easier when having large amounts of code.

  • Writing Application-Scale JavaScript
  • Type-safe JavaScript development with TypeScript
  • Implementing Types, Interfaces, Classes and Inheritance
  • Namespaces and Modules

The world of web development keeps expanding as new frameworks, libraries and plugins are created every day. This training will keep you up to date with all the cool toys and the most popular libraries out there today. We look at libraries and frameworks.

This course targets professional web developers who are looking for ways to improve their productivity with JavaScript libraries. Participants of this course need to have a good understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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