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Highlights of the Microsoft Build and Ignite conferences

8th & 15th June 2015, 18:30-20:30h, U2U, Zellik.

At the Build 2015 conference in San Francisco and the Ignite conference in Chicago, Microsoft has shown the world their latest innovations and technologies. U2U trainers have attended both conferences to gain in-depth knowledge on the upcoming technologies. It inspired us to organize 2 free evening events on 8th and 15th June 2015 demonstrating you the highlights of the Microsoft Build and Microsoft Ignite conferences.

Peter Himschoot, Michaël Van Wesemael, Els Putzeys and Lieven Iliano will be your guides. Make sure to register and join us for both evenings packed with information, interaction and inspiration!

8th June 2015: Recap of Build 2015

18:30-19:30: A Lap around .NET 2015 and ASP.NET 5 (Peter Himschoot)

In this session we will help you understand the differences between the new .NET Framework 4.6 and the .NET Core 5 both part of .NET 2015. We look at the new language features and how the new core runtime will affect your development. Furthermore we look at ASP.NET 5, the client tools Bower and Gulp and the DNX execution environment enabling cross-platform development.

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19:30-20:30: Azure API Apps for Web, Mobile and Logic Apps (Michaël Van Wesemael)

Azure API Apps make APIs easy, whether they are APIs you author or APIs you use. We’ll look at building APIs with ASP.NET and deploying them to an Azure API app. We’ll consume these APIs from our web, logic or mobile apps and explore the different authentication, single-sign on and authorization features offered by the Azure Active Directory. Lastly, we’ll publish APIs to a public gallery and see how millions of professional developers can use your APIs in their own applications.

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15th June 2015: Recap of Microsoft Ignite

18:30-19:30: New capabilities in Office 365 (Els Putzeys)

In this session we focus on the new and upcoming features in Office 365. We look at the new files and information capabilities within Office 365 Groups. You will learn how the people experience in Delve helps with refinding information, people and discovery of expertise to boost collaboration in your organization. We finish by looking at the newly announced intelligent NextGen Portals that will leverage the Office Graph to personalize and increase document relevancy.

19:30-20:30: Developing apps with the new APIs offered by Office 365 (Lieven Iliano)

This session dives into the different new API covered and announced at Ignite. The Office 365 APIs can be called in scenarios when using the OneDrive for Business, Calendar, Mail, Contacts and Sites services. We provide an overview of best practices to migrate Files Shares or on-premises SharePoint environment to SharePoint Online using the new SharePoint Online Migration API. We’ll take a closer look at Office Graph – the engine powering Delve. We’ll explain how Office Graph works behind the scenes and showcase how to query it to bring new insights and intelligence into your own apps.

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