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UWRTH - Building Windows 8.1 Store apps in HTML

Windows 8.1 extends the fundamental features of Windows 7 with a new touch-optimized interface. The interface is optimized for fluid and intuitive interaction and navigation with either a finger or a mouse and keyboard. Windows 8.1 provides a platform to create a new generation of full-screen apps providing an immersive experience. This training will teach you how to develop, design and deploy Windows Store apps on Windows 8.1 using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Topics: Introducing Windows 8.1 Windows Store apps, The Windows 8.1 Development platform, WinRT, HTML5 Improvements for Windows Store apps, Painting on a Canvas, JavaScript for WinRT, Data Binding, WinJS Built-in Controls, Creating Controls and components, Windows 8.1 design tenets, Building Adaptive and Scalable Layouts, Animations, Windows 8.1 Process Lifecycle Management, Running in the background, Making your app alive with Tiles and Notifications, Participate in the Windows 8.1 ecosystem with Contracts, Storing data, Security, Globalization and Localization, Integrating with windows 8.1 hardware, The Windows Store.

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