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UWAPX - Building Apps on the Universal Windows Platform

Windows 10 is the unified operating system that ties together different devices like desktops, tablets, phones, XBox and IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi. In this course you will learn all about building responsive applications on the UWP(Universal Windows Platform) that leverages each specific device's capabilities, and how to deploy them to the Windows Store. Topics: Introducing Universal Windows Apps, The Windows 10 Development platform, Introducing XAML, Reusability with Resources, Styles and Templates, Animations, Visual State Manager, Data Binding, Windows 10 Adaptive Controls, Windows 10 design tenets, Building Adaptive and Scalable Layouts, Navigation, Understanding Extension SDKs, Process Lifecycle Management, Running in the background, Storing data, Working with SQLite, Consuming Web Services, App to App Communication, Making your app alive with Tiles and Notifications, MVVM, The Windows Store.

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