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UASQLMS - The Azure SQL Database Platform

Participants of this training will learn about the different offerings of the Microsoft Azure SQL Database platform. In the first part of the training you will learn about SQL Managed Instances and how they can be used to do a lift-and-shift migration of on-premises databases to the cloud. In the second part you will learn how to work with the Azure SQL Database offering. The complete database lifecycle from creating and configuring your servers and databases, developing new database objects or migrating existing databases and client applications will be covered. Topics: Introduction to the Azure SQL data platform, Working with SQL Managed Instances, SQL Managed Instances features and capabilities, SQL Managed Instance database migrations, Working with Azure SQL Databases, Developing Azure SQL Databases, Azure SQL Database Client Connectivity, Scaling Azure SQL Databases, Securing user access to Azure SQL databases, Monitor an Azure SQL database, Backup, Restore and High Availability, Modernizing Your Data Estate with SQL Server 2019, Working with Big Data and Data Science (Big Data Clusters for SQL Server 2019).

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