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DP-200-201 - Implementing and Designing an Azure Data Solution

In this course, the students will implement various data platform technologies into solutions that are in line with business and technical requirements including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid data scenarios incorporating both relational and No-SQL data. They will also learn how to process data using a range of technologies and languages for both streaming and batch data. Topics: Module 1: Azure for the Data Engineer, Module 2: Working with Data Storage, Module 3: Enabling Team Based Data Science with Azure Databricks, Module 4: Building Globally Distributed Databases with Cosmos DB, Module 5: Working with Relational Data Stores in the Cloud, Module 6: Performing Real-Time Analytics with Stream Analytics, Module 7: Orchestrating Data Movement with Azure Data Factory, Module 8: Securing Azure Data Platforms, Module 9: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Data Storage and Processing, Module 10: Integrating and Optimizing Data Platforms, Module 1: Data Platform Architecture Considerations, Module 2: Azure Batch Processing Reference Architectures, Module 3: Azure Real-Time Reference Architectures.

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