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Building Windows 8.1 Store apps in HTML

5 days
5 days

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Date: currently not scheduled

Format: Classroom

Price: 2100€

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Introducing Windows 8.1 Windows Store apps

  • The Windows 8.1 experience
  • Fluent, touch enabled applications
  • Organizing the tiles
  • Working with the application bar
  • Switching between applications
  • Getting familiar with the Charms bar
  • Apps working together

The Windows 8.1 Development platform

  • Windows Store apps vs desktop apps
  • The new Windows Runtime
  • Design tenets and principles
  • Programming language choices: C, C++, C#, VB.NET, XAML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Building Windows Store apps with Visual Studio
  • Building Universal Apps


  • What is the WinRT?
  • Introducing WinJS
  • Discovering the Windows Runtime API
  • Use development languages you know: JavaScript, HTML and CSS

HTML5 Improvements for Windows Store apps

  • Towards a simpler HTML: changes in HTML <head> and other elements
  • Towards a more semantic HTML: the new structural elements in HTML5
  • Towards a more powerful HTML: new attributes and functionality in HTML5

Painting on a Canvas

  • What is a canvas
  • Drawing Context
  • Canvas Coordinates
  • Canvas Path
  • Transformations
  • Drawing Text
  • Shadows and Gradients
  • Images and Image Data

JavaScript for WinRT

  • Variables, Objects, Arrays and Functions
  • Overview of JavaScript and capabilities
  • Best practices
  • JSON serialization of objects
  • Promises
  • Windows Library for JavaScript
  • Using external libraries

Data Binding

  • The need for data binding
  • The WinJS Binding Namespace
  • Binding in code and markup
  • Binding an attribute to a simple object
  • Binding to complex objects
  • Data Templates with itemRenderer
  • Converting data for data binding

WinJS Built-in Controls

  • Control as an interactive Element
  • Using HTML elements as Controls
  • WinJS built-in Controls: Toggle switch, ListView, GridView, FlipView, App Bar, Semantic Zoom, Flyout ...
  • Range controls and text editing controls
  • Manipulating Controls from javascript
  • Handling Events

Creating Controls and components

  • Create a custom control
  • Extend an existing control
  • Add DOM events to your control

Windows 8.1 design tenets

  • Windows Store apps layout
  • Using typography and space for structuring your page
  • Handling navigation
  • Handling commands
  • User experience patterns and controls
  • Touch versus mouse and keyboard

Building Adaptive and Scalable Layouts

  • Absolute versus Dynamic Layout
  • Layout controls: -ms-grid, ViewBox ...
  • Dealing with various screen sizes and split-screen
  • Dealing with Orientation
  • Using CSS3 Media Queries
  • Using Javascript events


  • Importance of Animations for user exprience
  • The Built-In WinJS Animation functions
  • Animate Navigation, UI Elements, Pointer, ...
  • Guidelines for using animations
  • CSS3 Animations

Windows 8.1 Process Lifecycle Management

  • Windows 8.1 app switching
  • Discovering the new suspended process state
  • Handling resume, suspend and termination
  • Supporting different app activation scenarios
  • Building a splashscreen

Running in the background

  • Background audio playback
  • BackgroundTransfer API
  • Building real-time communication apps with Background tasks
  • Background tasks and the lock screen
  • Supporting progress, completion and cancellation in background tasks
  • Background task resource management

Making your app alive with Tiles and Notifications

  • Creating Basic and Live Tiles
  • Pinning Secondary Tiles
  • Working with badges
  • Toast Notifications and templates
  • Windows Notification Service
  • Scheduling, Periodic, Push Notifications

Participate in the Windows 8.1 ecosystem with Contracts

  • What is a contract?
  • App to App picking
  • The charms: Search, Share, Devices and Settings
  • Other contracts

Storing data

  • User data versus App data
  • App Settings versus App Files
  • Local storage
  • Roaming to the cloud
  • Temporary storage
  • Data Caching


  • Windows Authentication
  • Web-based Authentication
  • Encryption in Windows Store Apps

Globalization and Localization

  • Setting up a multi-lingual app
  • Resource files
  • Culture-Specific Formatting

Integrating with windows 8.1 hardware

  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Sensors
  • Touch

The Windows Store

  • Deploying your app to the Windows Store
  • Working with trial versions
  • In App purchase
  • Advertisement Choices

Windows 8.1 extends the fundamental features of Windows 7 with a new touch-optimized interface. The interface is optimized for fluid and intuitive interaction and navigation with either a finger or a mouse and keyboard. Windows 8.1 provides a platform to create a new generation of full-screen apps providing an immersive experience. This training will teach you how to develop, design and deploy Windows Store apps on Windows 8.1 using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This course is meant for developers who want to develop Windows Store apps on Windows 8.1

Participants of this course should have a basic understanding of HTML. Some working experience with JavaScript is advised.

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