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Project Management with Azure DevOps

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Visual Studio Team Services introduction

  • Why do we need Application Lifecycle Management?
  • VSTS ALM: The big picture
  • ALM Features
  • Architecture

Team Projects

Visual Studio Team Services is a server product intended as the collaboration hub for everyone on the development team, including project managers, testers, architects, developers and end-users.

  • Development Processes
  • Team Projects
  • Process Templates
  • Configuring your team project and iterations

Create a Project Backlog

The project backlog contains all the features that users have requested. This does not mean we will immediately add this feature, for this we have backlog planning where we try to identity the features we want to build next.

    Iterative Development The project backlog User Story work item Work item templates Tags Queries Velocity and Forecasting
  • Powerpoint storyboarding

Planning a sprint

Once we have decided which features we will build next, we will identity the various tasks that need to be completed to built that feature. We will look at balancing product, schedule and cost.

  • Sprint Planning
  • Identifying user stores for the next sprint
  • Capacity planning
  • Defining tasks to complete a user story
  • Adjust work to fit team capacity
  • Sharing a sprint with stakeholders

Running the sprint

Ready? Set? Go! During the sprint the whole team build the next features. Communication here is essential, so we will look at the daily standup meeting and how VSTS can help. We will also look at reporting in VSTS.

  • Running a sprint
  • The daily standup meeting
  • Burndown chart
  • Team dashboards and charts

In this course you will learn about using Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Visual Studio Team Services to manage the application development lifecycle. This training will show you the role of the project manager in this process and how ALM can improve the efficiency of your team.

This course is for project managers who want to learn about the ALM tools from Visual Studio Team Services.

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