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Microsoft SQL Server - Implementing Business Solutions with MDX

3 days
3 days

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Module 1: OLAP Review

  • Understanding the basic elements of online analytical processing (OLAP) databases.
  • Understanding the basic definitions and structures of an OLAP cube.
  • Understanding how data flows through an organization's analytical processes.

Module 2: MDX Foundations

  • Understanding the role of MDX in the overall flow of information through a data warehouse and the two specific functions that it performs.
  • Understand MDX object and member naming conventions.
  • Using the Calculated Member Builder for building simple calculated members
  • Understanding the characteristics of calculated members compared with stored members.

Module 3: Using MDX Expressions

  • Creating MDX expressions in calculated members and manipulating the expressions by using numeric and string constants.
  • Displaying information about a member-particulary the name of the member and the name of the level of the member.
  • Displaying information about the parent or other ancestor of a member.
  • Displaying the member property associated with a member, and using the value in an arithmetic expression.
  • Creating and using simple and complex conditional expressions.

Module 4: Retrieving Values from a Cube

  • Understanding basic concepts of multidimensional coordinates, including how to retrieve values from a cube by specifying a member from a single dimension.
  • Defining a tuple and using tuple expressions to retrieve values with two or more dimensions.
  • Using tuple expressions to retrieve values for calculating percentages of a total.
  • Using tuple expressions to retrieve values for period-to-period growth percentages.

Module 5: Creating Simple MDX Queries

  • Understanding MDX query statement terminology.
  • riting simple MDX query statements.

Module 6: Creating and Manipulating Sets

  • Using functions to create a set.
  • Using functions to manipulate a set.
  • Creating a set from subqueries.
  • Manipulating dimension interactions by using advanced functions.

Module 7: Using Aggregation Functions

  • Creating temporary calculated members.
  • Understanding and creating calculated members from aggregation functions.
  • Understanding and using Time Set Functions.
  • Understanding how to calculate a trend.

Module 8: Case Study - Implementing Budget Allocations

  • Allocating values from a grand total across a dimension.
  • Allocating values from an intermediate level across a dimension.
  • Creating a calculated member that allocates values across three dimensions.

Module 9: Using Subcubes

  • Overwriting cell content via subcubes


If time permits, these topics can be practised in a workshop-alike style on the last day of this course:
  • Extending MDX with .Net code
  • MDX Performance tuning

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to use multidimensional expressions (MDX) to add calculated members, named sets and other dynamically calculated values to a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cube.

Before attending this course, students must have a good understanding of the fundamental concepts in Online Analytical Processing (dimensions, measures, hierarchies, members,...), and basic knowledge of Analysis Services (inspecting cube definitions in BIDS or SSDT).

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