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JavaScript deep-dive for SharePoint Developers

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This training will be extended to 5 days starting from November 2016. Discover the new course program at:

JavaScript Language

  • Overview of the JavaScript language
  • Why use JavaScript as a SharePoint developer?
  • Variables, Objects, Arrays and Functions
  • Understanding the SharePoint Document Object Model

JavaScript Patterns

  • Writing maintainable and performant JavaScript
  • Constructors and Prototypes
  • Callback pattern
  • Closures
  • Option hashing
  • The self-invoking function
  • Class and Module pattern

Working with jQuery

  • Introducing jQuery
  • Manipulating the SharePoint Page DOM with JQuery Selectors
  • Handling the SharePoint Page events with jQuery
  • Calling the SharePoint REST services

SharePoint App Model

  • Comparing Full trust solutions and SharePoint apps
  • SharePoint-hosted vs Provider hosted apps

The SharePoint JavaScript Object Model

  • JSOM Overview And Limitations
  • Performing Operations With JSOM
  • JSOM And The Cross-Domain Library

SharePoint and Office 365 REST Services

  • Discovering the SharePoint REST endpoints
  • Office 365 REST API
  • Working with OData Services
  • Handling cross domain issues with CORS


  • Introducing the Client-side ORM Breeze.js
  • Calling the SharePoint REST Services with Breeze.js

Branding your sites with JavaScript

  • Injecting custom JavaScript and CSS in your sites
  • Building a global navigation with javaScript

Customizing SharePoint Rendering with JSLink

  • Basic JSLink syntax
  • Using JSLink in Web Parts, Content Types, Fields and Lists
  • Modifyng Search Result types

Building Single Page Applications with AngularJS

  • Model View Controller patterns in JavaScript
  • Angular Directives
  • Data Binding with AngularJS
  • Client Side Authentication with Adal JS

Localization using JavaScript

  • Loading and using resource files with JavaScript

Most of the SharePoint developers today are excellent server side .NET developers but lack the required JavaScript skills to make the transition to more client-side development. This course will teach SharePoint developers everything they need to know about JavaScript. You will learn about the JavaScript libraries most useful within SharePoint and Office 365 like jQuery, AngularJS and Breeze.js. Furthermore you will get the necessary guidelines how to integrate them within your SharePoint development.

Experienced SharePoint developers who need to improve their JavaScript skills.

Participants should have experience with SharePoint development.

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