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Mastering ASP.NET Core

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This URL means do that thing. Having full control over this is not difficult, but essential for any ASP.NET MVC developer.

  • Formatting the request URL
  • Convention-Based Routing
  • Routing Attributes
  • Using Areas for building large MVC sites
  • Debugging URL routing

Understanding Claims-Based Security

So what will you allow your user to do? This most-likely depends on the role the user has in your organisation. This role is now represented with claims. In this chapter you will get a better understanding why claims are better than roles, and how claims are transmitted in a secure way.

  • Representing the user
  • Introducing claims based security
  • Understanding tokens and their representation on the net
  • Using Claims in .NET

Modern web authentication and authorization

In the modern web we all want to share stuff. But how do you safely allow one web site to access resources from another web site? OAuth2 is the current standard way in which you can implement this. Authentication is hard, so better left to the experts. With OpenID Connect you can delegate authentication to an identity provider (such as Facebook, Azure AD, Identity Server and others).

  • The Internet and a way of sharing
  • Introducing OAuth
  • OpenID Connect: Adding sign-in to OAuth
  • OAuth fundamentals: Authorization Code Grant, Implicit Grant and Client Credential Grant
  • Implementing OpenID Connect web sign-in

Protecting a Web-API with OAuth

Modern web sites and mobile appls consume REST services. You can use OAuth with OpenID Connect to authenticate users, after which you can use claims to authorize resources stored in a web API.

  • Protecting a Web API's resources
  • Adding permissions to the server side
  • Requesting permissions at the client side
  • Using the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL)
  • ADAL Session management
  • User consent


The world is a big place, with many spoken languages. If you want to reach the world, you should build multi-language support in from the beginning.

  • Display Content in Different Cultures
  • Using resource files
  • Different Views
  • Validation Messages
  • Autodetect Cultures
  • Override Cultures
  • Client-side Localization

So you've been using ASP.NET MVC for a while, and you want to learn more? In this advanced web development course you will build up the necessary knowledge and tools for dealing with the complexity of modern web applications, including .NET Core, Clean Architecture, and get more insights into error handling, Azure and Security.

This course is meant for developers that have experience with ASP.NET MVC and want to take it to the next level.

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