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Developing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015/2016 Solutions

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Extensibility Overview

  • Overview of the Microsoft Dynamics XRM Application Framework
  • Extending the Dynamics CRM platform
  • Accessing data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Helpful skills in developing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Development Toolkit

Common Platform Operations

  • WCF endpoints in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • The Discovery Service
  • Early versus late-binding when accessing entity records
  • The Organization Service
  • Create,update,delete and retrieve entity records
  • Fault handling

Querying Dynamics CRM

  • The QueryExpression and QueryByAttribute classes
  • Writing LINQ queries
  • FetchXML queries
  • Filtered views
  • REST and OData fundamentals
  • Dynamics CRM REST API

Performing Advanced Platform Operations

  • Executing Request/Reponse messages
  • Using ExecuteMultiple for batching
  • Working with related entities
  • Retrieving Metadata
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM NuGet Packages
  • Developer Extensions for Dynamics CRM

Implementing Business Processes

  • Creating processes
  • Writing custom Workflow activities
  • Deploying and debugging custom workflow activities
  • Intro to XAML workflows
  • Real-time workflows


  • Plug-in overview
  • Coding custom plug-ins
  • Register and deploy plug-ins
  • Debugging plug-ins

JavaScript Form Programming

  • Creating JavaScript web resources
  • Handling form and field events
  • Xrm.Page object model
  • Form and attribute level notifications
  • Best practices in writing client-side Code

Client Extensions

  • Customizing the Site Map
  • Customizing the Command Bar
  • URL addressable forms and views

Web Resources

  • Web resources overview
  • Silverlight web resources
  • JavaScript programming with REST
  • Working with OData and JSON
  • jQuery in Dynamics CRM

Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many out of the box customization options, many companies have requirements which can only be realized by extending the existing feature set of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This training course is designed to help .NET developers learn the various development features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. You will learn how to extend the core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the build in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Web Services and Open Data Protocol (OData) Web service endpoints. Participants will also learn how to model business processes using .NET Window Workflow Foundation (WF), write custom Workflow Activities and Plug-Ins and extend the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM JavaScript object model and jQuery.

This course is targeting developers who have none or very limited Dynamics CRM development skills.

Before attending the course, delegates must have the following prerequisite knowledge and experience:

  • Understanding of Web development and design
  • Knowledge of a .NET programming language (Visual Basic .NET or C#) and JavaScript
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (end-user perspective)
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