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Analyzing your data with Power BI for BI Professionals

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Writing Queries to load data

  • Overview of supported Data Sources
  • Loading data versus using Direct Query
  • Creating Hierarchies based on multiple tables
  • Transforming data
  • Joining or combining Queries
  • Writing Power Query functions
  • Working with Power Query Parameters

Enhancing the Data Model using DAX

  • DAX Overview
  • DAX data types and operators
  • Commonly used DAX functions
  • Referencing other tables in DAX
  • Row versus filter context
  • Adding Time Intelligence using DAX

Managing Data Refresh from Power BI Service

  • The need for a Power BI Gateway
  • Installing and configuring the Power BI Personal Gateway
  • Scheduling Dataset refreshes
  • Direct Query and the Power BI Personal Gateway
  • Working with OneDrive for Business

Using R in Power BI

  • Using R script as Data Source and Transformations
  • Custom R Vizualisations
  • Using R plots as Vizualisations
  • Using ggplot in Power BI

Reporting with Excel and Excel Online

  • Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Excel
  • Publishing Excel based reports to Power BI Service
  • Pinning Excel Visuals to a Dashboard

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