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Analyzing your data with Power BI for BI Professionals - Part 2

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Writing Queries to load data

If your data sources contain data that requires extra processing, you can learn in this module to filter data, combine tables and do more advanced Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations using the M language in Power BI Desktop.

  • Overview of supported Data Sources
  • Loading data versus using Direct Query
  • Working with composite models
  • Creating Hierarchies based on multiple tables
  • Transforming data
  • Joining or combining Queries
  • Writing Power Query functions
  • Working with Power Query Parameters

Enhancing the Data Model using DAX

Data modeling can be challenging when advanced calculations are needed. This is why Power BI uses a dedicated language DAX (Data Analysis eXperssions) to define these advanced calculations. In this module you can get familiar with the most commonly used DAX expressions and how to use them within Power BI Desktop.

  • DAX Overview
  • DAX data types and operators
  • Commonly used DAX functions
  • Referencing other tables in DAX
  • Row versus filter context
  • Adding Time Intelligence using DAX

Managing Data Refresh from Power BI Service

Data models that are uploaded to the Power BI Service need to have their data refreshed from time to time. This module shows the different options to do this data refresh, for cloud data as well as data which runs on-premises.

  • The need for a Power BI Gateway
  • Installing and configuring the Power BI Personal Gateway
  • Scheduling Dataset refreshes
  • Direct Query and the Power BI Personal Gateway
  • Working with OneDrive for Business

Using R in Power BI

Sometimes the native Power BI does not provide the advanced data processing or visualization option you need. If you want to extend the capabilities of Power BI, this is possible by using the R language. R is a statistical language developed by the open source community. This language can be used in Power BI for data loading, data transformation and data visualization. This module mainly shows you how to use R in Power BI, it is not focussing on learning the R language itself.

  • Using R script as Data Source and Transformations
  • Custom R Vizualisations
  • Using R plots as Vizualisations
  • Using ggplot in Power BI

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