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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Developers

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Module 1: Introduction to Dynamics 365 Development

This module introduces the concept of developing and extending the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Framework. You will learn about the tools and resources that are available to developers and administrators as well as best practice methodologies and fundamentals.

  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Development
  • Dynamics 365 Developer Options
  • Development Tools for Dynamics 365
  • The Customer Engagement Toolkit (formally SDK)
  • Dynamics 365 Development Environments
  • Valuable Skills for Dynamics 365 Development
  • Further reading and resources

Module 2: The Dynamics 365 API

This module presents the various Developer resources, Web Services and API’s available to developers in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You will learn how to write code to consume the Web Service API endpoints using Microsoft .Net C# in Visual Studio in this module.

  • Introduction to the Dynamics 365 API’s
  • Authentication Considerations
  • The Web API
  • The Discovery Web Service
  • The Organization Web Service
  • Core Assemblies
  • Early and Late-bound classes
  • The Code Generation Tool
  • Service Context
  • CRUD Operations
  • Using the QueryExpression Class
  • Using LINQ
  • Using FetchXML

Module 3: Developing Plug-Ins for Dynamics 365

In this module you will learn how to develop custom business logic in a Plug-In component using Microsoft .Net C# in Visual Studio. You will also learn how to deploy Plug-In components to Microsoft Dynamics 365 using the Plug-In registration tool.

  • Introduction to Plug-Ins
  • Writing Plug-In Code
  • Using the Plug-In Registration Tool
  • Debugging Plug-Ins with the Plug-In Profiler
  • Deploying Plug-Ins with Solutions

Module 4: Developing Custom Workflow Activities

In this module you will learn how to develop a custom Workflow Activity using Microsoft .Net C# in Visual Studio. You will also learn how to use a custom Workflow Activity as a Workflow Step in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Introduction to Custom Workflow Activities
  • Writing Custom Workflow Activity code
  • Deploying a Custom Workflow Activity

Module 5: Developing Client-side Code

This module introduces the concepts of developing client-side code that works with the event driven model in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You will also learn how to create and deploy client-side components using Web Resources that use the Web API to work with data in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Introduction to client-side coding
  • The Dynamics 365 Event Driven Model
  • Developing JavaScript Client-side code
  • Using Web resources
  • Client-side coding and the Web API

Module 6: Developing for the United Client Interface

This module looks at the relationship between Dynamics 365 and PowerApps and considers what a developer needs to know when extending a Unified Client Interface (UCI) App.

  • Introduction to Dynamics 365, UCI and PowerApps
  • Introduction to the App Designer
  • Introduction to the Site Map Designer
  • Extending UCI Apps with code
  • Security Enabled Apps
  • Customize the Dynamics 365 Navigation
  • Draft and Published Apps

This course is designed for experienced IT professionals and developers, providing a ‘fast track’ approach to learning the required skills to start developing code in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Students will learn how to write client and server side code to utilize the various API’s available in the Dynamics 365 framework, create Dynamics 365 custom model-driven Apps, build custom business logic in Plug-Ins and Custom Workflow Activity components and extend the Dynamics 365 event model with JavaScript and HTML Web Resources. The course applies to both Business and Enterprise Editions of Dynamics 365. Please Note: This course requires an associated lab environment hosted on the Learn on Demand platform to work. To purchase lab access or for further information about this course and complimenting Dynamics 365 courses please contact us at

This course is intended for Technical students, Administrators and Developers. Students should have an existing working knowledge of Microsoft .Net and Visual Studio. Although not compulsory, it is recommended that students attend the prerequisite course ‘Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365’ which can be found at

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