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Microsoft Windows PowerShell v2 For Administrators

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Module 1: Introduction to PowerShell – the Basics

  • What is PowerShell?
  • PowerShell Cmdlets
  • PowerShell Snapins
  • PowerShell Modules
  • PowerShell Remoting
  • Navigating in PowerShell
  • PowerShell Profiles

Module 2: The PowerShell Pipeline, Scripts and Syntax

  • Pipelines
  • Scripts
  • Syntax, Output and Script Blocks

Module 3: Variables and Data Types, Variable Scopes, and Collections

  • Variables and Data Types
  • Variable Scopes
  • Collections

Module 4: Security

  • Script Execution
  • Signing Scripts
  • Requesting Credentials and Using Secure Strings
  • Securing Remote Sessions

Module 5: Remote Management

  • Configuring Remote Management
  • Using PowerShell Remoting
  • Using Jobs

Module 6: Script Flow Control Statements

  • Foreach and For
  • While / Do While / Do Until
  • If / Switch
  • Break /Continue

Module 7: Functions, Filters and Modules

  • Functions and Filters
  • Scripting with Functions and Parameters
  • Modules

Module 8: Error Handling

  • Error Handling
  • Try / Catch / Finally
  • Script Debugging

Module 9: Administrative Uses

  • Manipulating files and folders
  • Modifying Registry Data
  • Working with Events
  • Working with Active Directory Objects
  • Advanced Scripting

After completing this course, students will be able to: Install and configure PowerShell v2 on various Windows operating systems. Navigate the command line interface as well as the integrated scripting environment. Leverage cmdlets to accomplish daily management tasks. Format information returned by PowerShell v2 in a variety of styles. Create PowerShell v2 scripts to automate routine tasks. Manage multiple systems concurrently though PowerShell v2 remoting. Understand the security capabilities within PowerShell v2 and how to manage them. Enhance the management of other Microsoft products by using the skills and general knowledge covered in this course

This course is intended for systems administrators responsible for managing Windows platforms who are interested in automating administrative tasks.
No scripting knowledge is required.

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