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Implementing Active Directory Federation Services

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01 Jul 2019
09 Sep 2019
21 Oct 2019
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Module 1: Introducing Claims-based Identity

  • Existing solutions for managing identities
  • The benefits of claims-based identity
  • The evolution of ADFS
  • Use cases for ADFS
  • ADFS and claims-based terminology

Module 2: ADFS Prerequisites

  • Windows prerequisites
  • Active Directory and AD LDS
  • Web services, standards and interoperability
  • IIS

Module 3: Public Key Infrastructure

  • PKI Basics
  • Introduction to cryptography
  • PKI design
  • Installing and configuring certificate services

Module 4: ADFS Components

  • The federation server role
  • Claim types, endpoints and attribute stores
  • ADFS security
  • The federation server proxy role
  • Administering ADFS
  • Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)

Module 5: Claims-based authentication in a single organization

  • ADFS within a single organization
  • Understanding claims and claim types
  • Claim rules and claim rule templates

Module 6: Claims-based authentication in a business-to-business federation

  • Deploying ADFS in a federated environment
  • Configuring a claims provider trust
  • Understanding home realm discovery
  • Managing claims across organizations

Module 7: Advanced ADFS deployment scenarios

  • Implementing the Federation Server proxy
  • Planning for high availability
  • ADFS 2.0 and SAML interoperability

Module 8: ADFS Claim rule language

  • Claims lifecycle and claims engine
  • Introducing the claim rule language

Module 9: ADFS Troubleshooting

  • Configuring auditing for ADFS
  • ADFS troubleshooting
  • Tracing ADFS traffic

Module 10: Configuring SharePoint for Claims authentication using ADFS 2.0

  • Installing ADFS for claims authentication
  • Configuring SharePoint 2010 as a relying partner
  • Using claims to authenticate in a SharePoint 2010 environment

After completing this course, students will be able to: Define key concepts and terminology related to ADFS 2.0 Install and configure Windows prerequisites for ADFS 2.0 Install and configure a PKI for ADFS 2.0 Configure ADFS 2.0 to provide claims-aware authentication for various scenarios

This course is intended for IT administrators who are responsible for the setup and configuration of claims-based authentication, whether on premises or to connect to services in the cloud.

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